County Match Reports

Suffolk County Juniors match report 19/20 November 2022

This was an important competition for our juniors, after years of coming close, we had finally been promoted to Division One. In addition, with age creeping up on them, for three of our players, Lucy, Luke and Alex, this was their last opportunity to play in the junior team. The team therefore had something to prove and didn't disappoint winning three out of five rounds.
Day one was tough but started well with an 8:2 win over Sussex. We went on to lose 2:8 against Middlesex with only Luke and Joe managing a win. Unfortunately, both Luke and Alex were on the losing end of five set matches. We also lost our third match 3:7 against Surrey (2). Luke, Izzy and Joe won, but this time we were on the wrong end of two five set matches for Alex and one for Joe. There's no doubt a draw would have been a better reflection of the match and with great results the next day, might have put us second overall.
Day two was no pushover but this time the team came out on top starting with a 6:4 win over Cambridgeshire. Special thanks here go to Sophie Gaythorne-Hardy from Bury TTC, who with no national competition experience, stepped in to play for our girls. She didn't manage a win but improved throughout the day. Luke was on great form again winning both his matches. Alex won his match as did Lucy who had travelled down from Sheffield to play. As Gloucestershire never fielded a team our last match was a 6:4 win over Wiltshire. Luke and Alex won both of their matches, well supported by wins from Henry and Lucy.
With this level of play we certainly deserve to be in division one. Well done to all the team.

Suffolk Cadet County – Division 1A – 26th February 2022

The Suffolk Cadet Table Tennis team played their 2nd day of the County Cadet Championships in Division 1A on 26th February 2022 after a win & a draw from day 1. The Suffolk Cadet team travelled to Batts (Harlow) without Number 1 seed Isaac Kingham who was away with England.
Match 3
Essex - 10 Suffolk - 0

The 1st match of the day was against a very strong Essex team who were the eventual winners of the league. The Suffolk team battled well but Essex were just too strong & it resulted in a 10-0 win for the Essex team.
Match 4
Suffolk - 3 Sussex - 7

The 2nd match of the day was also a tough encounter & resulted in a 7-3 defeat. Samuel playing well to secure a 3-2 win in the opening game & followed by 2 wins for Alexander. All the other games were lost in straight sets.

Match 5
Surrey2 – 6 Suffolk - 4

In the final round of matches, the Suffolk Cadets battled well but lost 6-4. 2 good wins for Tarun & a win apiece for Alexander & Shannon.
The Suffolk Cadet team of Isaac (Day 1), Alexander, Samuel & Tarun (Day 2) plus Shannon & Orlaith showed good sportsmanship throughout & supported their fellow team mates in every game. It was tough going against players very highly ranked. Thanks to Aad & Kian for coaching on the day & for Jennie managing the team for the 2021/2022 season. The team will look forward to next season in the same Division 1A & hope after a further 12 months coaching to be challenging at the top end of the table in 2022/2023.

Suffolk Senior County – Division 1B – 27th/28th November 2021

After winning Division 2B in the 2019/2020 season & thus promotion to Division 1B, Suffolk knew it was going to be a challenging weekend in a division of 8 strong teams.
The build up to the weekend was hit by call off & illness (James Davies-Stokes) thus only 2 players (Kian Burgess & Alice Flatman) remained from the winning 2019/2020 team. With the late call offs, the team for the Saturday was Kian Burgess, Luke Davies Stokes & Alex Attew & Alice Flatman & Sylvia Kenyon. The boys with an average age of around 18. Also making her Suffolk debut 37 years since her last appearance was Sylvia Kenyon. The teams target was to finish outside the bottom 2 to avoid relegation appeared a sensible target. The team for the Sunday was Kian Burgess, Luke Davies-Stokes, Henry Shaw meaning the average age of the boys was down to 17 & Lucy Needham replacing Sylvia to play alongside Alice Flatman.

Match 1 – Suffolk1 (2) V Middlesex2 (8)
In the opening match the team suffered an 8-2 defeat & found the going really tough. Kian Burgess playing at Seed 1 found the going tough against the Number 1 & 2 seed from Middlesex 2. Luke playing at number 2 for Suffolk had a good win against the Middlesex 3 seed in 5. Alex Attew playing at 3 took a game against the Middlesex 2 seed & also took a game against the Middlesex 3 seed. Alice had a good win in 4 against Middlesex 2 seed & Sylvia took a game against the Middlesex 2 seed but the team found the going tough & knew it was going to be a tough weekend & lost 8-2.
Match 2 – Surrey2 (4) v Suffolk2 (6)
Match 2 against Surrey 2 started off similar to Match 1 with 3-0 defeats for Alex, Luke & Sylvia meaning the team were trailing 3-0. Alice then started the fightback with a good win in 3 against Kumiko. Then Kian beat the Surrey 1 seed in 4. Catching the winning habit Alex followed up with a win in 5 against Surrey 2 seed & Sylvia got in on the act beating Surrey 2 seed in 4 & Alice then came from 2 nil down to win in 5 against the Surrey number 1 seed to make the match score 5-3 to Suffolk 1. Luke then beat Surrey 1 seed in 4 to make the match score 6-3 to Suffolk. Kian lost in 3 to National Cadet Number 2 (Surrey 2 seed) Olly Maric-Murray in straight sets but luckily it did not matter & Suffolk won the match 6-4 to secure 2 league points.
Match 3 – Norfolk1 (9) V Suffolk1 (1)
Match 3 was the farmyard derby as we faced local rivals & favourites for the league title Norfolk 1. 1st up was Alex against Tony Zeqiri who was too experienced for the Suffolk youngster winning in 4. Luke then tackled Norfolk 3 seed Chris Cockburn. Luke led 2-1 & eventually lost in 4 but put up a great fight. Sylvia & Alice then went down in straight sets against the powerful Norfolk ladies of Lauren Charles & Ella Barnard. Kian then beat Norfolk 1 seed Andy Hawes in 5 to make the match score Norfolk 4 – Suffolk 1. Alex then put up a great fight against Chris Cockburn losing 13-11 in the 5th. Sylvia then took a game against Ella but went down 3-1 & Alice then lost in straight sets to Lauren. The last 2 matches went to 5. 1st Luke led Norfolk 1 seed Andy Hawes 2-0 before losing in 5 & Kian then lost in 5 to Tony Zeqiri. A heavy defeat for Suffolk but 4 matches were lost in 5 so the team battled well & could have got a few more wins on another day.
Match 4 – Suffolk1 (5) V Devonshire1 (5)
The last match of the Saturday was against fellow relegation rivals Devonshire who unfortunately only had 1 lady playing due to illness. Suffolk started off strongly with a win for Luke against their 3 seed in 4 & Alex winning in straight sets against their 2 seed. With Alice match void it meant Suffolk led 3-0. Devonshire then fought back as Sylvia, Kian & Alex were defeated. A void match for Sylvia mean the match score was 4-4 with 2 matches left. Kian won in 3 straight & Luke lost against the very good Devonshire 1 seed Olly Cornish to make the final score was 5-5 & secure 1 point for Suffolk.
Summary Day 1
After Day 1 Suffolk sat in 5th position, with any of the top 4 teams in with a chance of winning the title & any of the bottom 4 teams able to fill the bottom 2 positions & get relegated. A very good day for Suffolk with all players winning & contributing to the results. Player of the day has to go to Sylvia for her great win against Surrey 2 which helped us to the 6-4 win.
Match 5 – Kent1 (9) V Suffolk1 (1)
As we said goodbye to Sylvia & Alex we welcomed Lucy & Henry for Day 2. The 1st match against Kent was a tough one for them as Kent were sitting in 2nd place. It started well as Kian beat Kent 2 seed Andy Norwood in straight sets. But that is as good as it got as Henry, Lucy & Luke lost the next 3 matches in straight sets. Alice was then unlucky to lose 18-16 in the 5th against Lois Perryman. Henry & Lucy then lost the next 2 matches in 4 with much improved performances as they warmed to the task. Kian then lost in 3 straight to the very good Joshua Bruce. Alice took a game against Jurate & Luke lost in 3 close games to the very good 3 seed Richard Carden. A heavy defeat for Suffolk 9-1.
Match 6 – Suffolk1 (7) V Dorset1 (3)
This was the big match for Suffolk knowing they needed at least a draw but maybe a win to stay up against a fellow relegation rival. It started off brilliantly as Luke beat Zac Dowling in 3 straight & then Henry played superbly to beat the highly rated Nathan Bingham in 4. Alice then beat Lily Cherry in 4 to make the score Suffolk 3 – Dorset 1. Lucy then lost in 3 straight to the highly ranked Katie Holt & Kian lost to a very difficult opponent Finn Morgan-Bayliss. Henry then continued his great form to beat Zac Dorling in 5 winning 14-12 in the 5th showing great nerves for someone so young. Lucy Needham got her 1st win of the day with a straight sets win against Lily Cherry. Alice then beat the highly ranked Katie Holt in 5. A superb result. Kian then beat Nathan Bingham in 5 & Luke like Kian lost to the very impressive Finn Morgan-Bayliss. Final score Suffolk 7 – Dorset 3. An outstanding result with all players winning matches & Suffolk winning all 3 matches that went to 5.
Match 7 – Essex1 (7) V Suffolk1 (3)
The team went into the match knowing relegation had been avoided. With no pressure the team continued to play some great table tennis. 1st Henry put up a great fight to lose in 4 against Jamal Dennison. Luke then levelled the scores for Suffolk with a good win in 4 against Matt Spero. Lucy then lost in 3 to Dasia & Alice then lost in 5 to Tiana Dennison going down 11-9 in the 5th against the highly ranked player. Kian then lost in 4 to the Essex number 1 seed Joshua Dye, Henry lost in 5 going down 11-9 to Matt Spero & Lucy lost in 3 straight to Tiana. Despite trailing 6-1. Suffolk continued to fight for every point & Alice beat Dasia in 4. Luke then played superbly to lose in 5 to the very highly ranked Joshua Dye playing some superb table tennis. Kian then finished the Suffolk Senior 2021/2022 season off with a great straight sets win against Jamal Dennison. Final Score Essex1 7 – Suffolk1 – 3.
Final Summary
A special thanks to Richard Davies-Stokes Supporting me with the pre-weekend organisation & also each day with scoring, coffees etc etc. But the real congrats must go to all the players that represented Suffolk Seniors over the weekend. Kian, Luke, Alex, Henry, Alice, Sylvia & Lucy. You all played brilliantly, we lost some we could have won & won some we should have lost but looking at the opposition we played, you all exceeded our expectations for the weekend to finish 5th of the 8 teams. With 2 wins, 1 draw & 4 defeats.
Individual’s averages
Kian – 6 wins from 14
Luke – 5 wins from 14
Alex – 2 wins from 6
Henry – 2 wins from 6
Alice – 6 winds from 14
Sylvia – 1 win from 6
Lucy – 1 win from 6
Void = 2


The first rounds of County Junior Division 2C matches were played on Saturday 3 November 2018. Every Team gained at least a point so it looks as though there could be some close matches for the final round.
For this first round of matches the Division was split in to two halves, the eastern half Bedfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and Suffolk played one another at NETTS, Earls Colne whilst the southern and western half of the Division, Berkshire, Oxfordshire Surrey 2 and Sussex 3 played one another at the Graham Spicer venue, New Malden. All matches were played on two tables. Sadly, at the last minute, Bedfordshire found themselves with only one girl player for their team.
In the opening round of matches at Earls Colne Beds played Herts. Victor Rioja and Isabelle Lacorte led their team to a 7-3 win with two wins each with Oliver Horswell winning two for Beds. Herts Samuel Flaum was the busiest player going to a decider in both his matches, winning one and losing one, both at 11-7. In the other match Essex 2 played neighbours Suffolk. Kian Burgess and James Davies-Stokes with two wins each led Suffolk to a 7-3 win. Maliha Baig would be pleased with her two wins over the higher ranked Suffolk girls.
For the second round of matches Beds played Suffolk and after Joe Peckham won the opening match for Beds it was one-way traffic for Suffolk winning the remaining nine matches, two of which were concessions, and only one match not won 3-0. The match between Herts and Essex 2 finished with the same 9-1 score line to Herts. Maliha won the only match for Essex. Four matches went to a decider and Herts won them all, the closest being Samuel Flaum's 15-13 win in the fifth game against Harry Keys.
In the last round of matches Essex 2 played Beds and the result was the only draw of the day. Oliver Horswell winning two for Beds and Arran Hutchinson similarly for Essex, his match with Joe Peckham containing three deuce games including the decider at 15-13. The other match was between the two leading teams, Suffolk and Herts, each having identical points and Sets differences and Suffolk a very slight games difference advantage. Victor Rioja two 3-0 wins for Herts and when James Davies-Stokes won his second match it made the match score 4-4. Herts won the last two matches, the last match won by James Hamblett 11-4 in the deciding game. Longest match was that between Lucy Curtis (Sk) and Emilly Ravetto (He) with Lucy coming back from 2-1 down to win the last two games 9 and 9.
What a difference at the Graham Spicer Centre where match scores were much closer.
In the opening round of matches Oxfordshire played Surrey 2. The first four matches were shared, all won 3-0. Then the highest ranked player at either venue, Surrey's Nahom Goitom played Todd Stanmore, ranked 400 points below him, and he was made to work hard for his win, 14-12 in the fourth game. Todd was the only player taken to a fifth game, a 11-9 win over Ollie Maric-Murray. By winning the last match Nahom got Surrey 2 a 6-4 win. Yuvathi Kumar won both her matches 3-0. It was a right old battle on the other two tables between Sussex 3 and Berkshire. The first match between Joseph Barraclough (Bk) and Jamar McGlashan (Sx) was a marathon with Joseph just scraping home 12-10 in the decider. Joseph went on to win his second match 3-0. The girls Holly Ranson (Bk) and Sacha Ward (Sx) had an even closer marathon match with Holly eventually winning 5, 12, -13, -7, 13. It was the Sussex girl Chaudia Hough who won her two matches to gain the draw for the Sussex team.
For the second round of matches Surrey 2 played Sussex 3. Surprisingly the Surrey number 1, Howard Onweng lost both his matches in the deciding games to Harry Yip (15-13) and Jamar McGlashan (11-4). Nahom, Yuvathi and Henry Maric-Murray all won both their matches and Claudia Hough the only other win for the Sussex team. Neighbours Berks and Oxon played each other and Oxon came out on top. The Oxon girls Vicky Coll and Pelin Karabulut four wins went a long way to the Oxfordshire win and Todd's two wins and Kiarash Shaddel's one win made it 7-3. This was after Berks had won the opening two matches through Johnson Xu and Raayan Asghar.
At this stage Surrey 2 were already two points ahead at the top of their Table and they now had bottom team Berkshire to play. Nahom, who was taken the full distance by Joseph Barraclough, Yuvathi and Karishma Shah all won their two matches. A 7-3 win for Surrey 2 after losing the opening two matches. Oxon claimed the runners-up position when they defeated Sussex 3 6-4 after being 4-2 down. It was the girls Vicky and Pelin that kept the Oxon team in the match and Todd and Kiarash swung the match by winning the final two matches after Jamar had won both his matches for Sussex.
The final round of matches will be played at BATTS Harlow on Saturday 1 December 2018.

P W D L F A Pts
Hertfordshire 3 3 0 0 22 8 6
Surrey 2 3 3 0 0 20 10 6
Suffolk 3 2 0 1 20 10 4
Oxfordshire 3 2 0 1 17 13 4
Sussex 3 3 0 1 2 12 18 1
Berkshire 3 0 1 2 11 19 1
Essex 2 3 0 1 2 9 21 1
Bedfordshire 3 0 1 2 9 21 1
Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser



The first rounds of County Cadet Division 1A matches were played on Saturday 20 October 2018. Relegated from the Premier Division last season were Surrey 1 and Middlesex 1 and they both showed that they were determined to return straight back. However only one team can be promoted from the Division so it will be all to play for in the round two matches particularly as they have to play one another in the opening match.
For this first round of matches the Division was split in to two halves, the eastern half Essex, Middlesex 1, Middlesex 2 and Suffolk to play one another at NETTS, Earls Colne whilst the southern half of the Division, Surrey 1, Surrey 2 and Sussex 2 played one another at Graham Spicer, New Malden. Sadly, at the last minute, the two Middlesex teams found themselves with only one girl player for each team.
In the opening round of matches at Earls Colne Middlesex 1 played Suffolk. Despite being a girl short they won seven of the eight matches played, Suffolk's Luke Davies-Stokes defeating the higher ranked Barney Mindlin 3-1 in the last match. Best match looked to be the girls match between Scarlett Anders and Isobel McGerty with Scarlet winning the deciding game 11-7. In the Essex v Middlesex 2 match it was Daniel Young's last match 3-1 win over the much higher ranked Jenson Moreno that gained Essex the 6-4 win. Lucas Aulnette won both his matches for Middlesex 2.
For the second round of matches the two Middlesex teams had to play one another. The second team's Lucas would have been pleased with his win against Charlie Nabarro after losing the first two games 10 and 9. The Middlesex 1's 7-2 win reflects that each team were a girl short. The match between County neighbours Essex and Suffolk was the longest of the day timewise after four of the first five matches went to a deciding game with Suffolk winning three of those four. Daniel, by winning the last match, and Maliha Baig won both their matches in gaining the draw for Essex and Luke his two for Suffolk.
In the last round of matches Essex played Middlesex 1. Jesse Bath won his opening match against the much higher ranked Charlie Nabarro 3-0 but that was the only match that Essex won on the table. Best match was that between Maliha and Scarlett which Scarlett won in the deciding game of an all action match to retain her unbeaten status for the day. The final match was between Suffolk and Middlesex 2. Brandon Sangchin won both his matches for the Middlesex team against the higher ranked McKenzie Lowe and Luke and Suffolk won the rest for an 8-2 win, the highest winning score of the day.
What a difference at the Graham Spicer Centre where all three matches ended in 9-1 wins.
The first match was between Surrey 1 and Surrey 2. Ojasvii Borah would be pleased with his performance for the second team winning his opening match against Mikaeel Toosy 5, -11, 12, 15 and taking Ollie Maric-Murrey to a deciding game in the final match of the match. Other than that the first team showed no mercy to their second team, only one of the other eight matches needing a fourth game.
The next match was between Surrey 2 and Sussex 2.and this time it was Surrey 2 who won 9-1, only Sacha Ward gaining a 3-0 win over Lena Mitchell for the Sussex team. She was close to a second win taking Lucy Adams to a deciding game as was Max Wilson in the last match against Ojasvii.
The final match was between Surrey 1 and Sussex 2. Sussex had lost the first six matches all 3-0 until Deniz Dinc stemmed the flow with a five game win over Emily Cheung. In both their matches Ollie and Henry Maric-Murrey and Yuvathi Kumar were unbeaten.
The final round of matches will be played at BATTS Harlow when there will be four rounds of matches to play. Currently scheduled for Sunday 31 March but could be switched to Saturday 30 March if the scheduled Premier British League match becomes an away fixture.
P W D L F A Pts
Middlesex 1 3 3 0 0 21 8 6
Surrey 1 2 2 0 0 18 2 4
Suffolk 3 1 1 1 16 14 3
Essex 3 1 1 1 14 16 3
Surrey 2 2 1 0 1 10 10 2
Middlesex 2 3 0 0 3 8 21 0
Sussex 2 2 0 0 2 2 18 0
Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Cadet Division 1A Organiser


At the NETTS Table Tennis Club at the Recreation Club at Earls Colne, Essex were the hosts to County Champs Junior Division 2C first round of matches on Saturday 21 October 2017. A full Division of eight teams with six teams from East Anglia, Northants the most northern, and two Sussex teams from the south coast. Last season's relegated teams Sussex 2 and Hertfordshire would be looking to get back to Division 1 as would Suffolk and Essex 2 who both narrowly missed out on promotion last season.
In the first round of matches Sussex 2 showed their intentions with a whitewash of Northants with all ten matches won three straight with Suffolk close on their heels with a 9-1 win over Beds, with Luke Davies-Stokes losing the very first match to the lower ranked Oliver Horswell. They won the rest all 3-0 except the very last match when Kian Burgess was taken the full distance by Oliver. The other two promotion seekers also won their matches, Herts 7-3 against Sussex 3, Carl Breindel unbeaten, whilst Essex 2 could only achieve a 6-4 result against Cambs 2, Abdul Raqueeb and Jared Chelski unbeaten for Essex and Emily Brown both for Cambs.
The match of the second round was that between Herts and Sussex 2. With the two highest ranked girls in the room, Charlotte Marsden and Ilyssa Lacorte, Herts won all four girls matches. As Charlie Graham-Adams and Adam Brown had both won their two matches it was all on the last match between Herts Carl Breindel and Sussex Fraser Kent and this match brought the room to a standstill. Going in to the fourth game -5, 9, 9 up Carl was seeking a win for a drawn match. Tension mounted as the game score passed 15-15 and then 20-20 and finally Carl got the two consecutive points to win 23-21. As for the other matches this was the only round there was not a 10-0 win. Beds beat Northants 8-2 and these two were to be the only sets they would win all day, Jacob Tattersall and Ashleigh Maynard the winning players. Oliver, George Whitley and Gemma Russell unbeaten in this match. Suffolk moved to the top of the table with a 7-3 win over Cambs, Kian and Luke winning two each despite Emily winning her two for Cambs 2. Essex 2 also had a 7-3 win over Sussex 3, ten year old Maliha Baig winning her match 12-10 in her deciding game.
In the third round there were three comprehensive wins, Cambs beat Northants 10-0 and Herts and Sussex 2 both won 9-1 respectively against Beds and Sussex 3. Neighbours Suffolk and Essex 2 met for the first time for several years at Junior level and Suffolk maintained their lead at the top of the table with a 7-3 win, their three boys Kian, Luke and Daniel Shelly winning their six matches. Jaz won her two matches for Essex.
For the last round of matches it was the top four teams in the Table against the bottom four. Suffolk kept their lead at the head of the table with an 8-2 win over Sussex 3, Sasha O'Halloran gaining her only win of the day at 12-10 in the deciding game against Lucy Curtis. Sussex 2 and Essex 2 both won 10-0 against Beds and Northants respectively. Herts were also heading for a 10-0 win over Cambs 2 but Zach Martillo spoiled the party by beating James Watkins-Rees in the last match.
Reviewing the day's matches there appears to be a top four/bottom four split. In the final round of three matches all four of the top teams have to play two of the other three teams so the winner of the Division may not be determined until the very end of the last round of matches. I am not even going to have a guess as to who this may be. The final round of matches will be held at the same venue, The Earls Colne Recreation Club with a playing time start of 10.30 am. I will send a reminder round nearer the time.
P W D L F A Pts
Suffolk 4 4 0 0 31 9 8
Sussex 2 4 3 1 0 34 6 7
Herts 4 3 1 0 30 10 7
Essex 2 4 3 0 1 26 14 6
Cambs 2 4 1 0 3 18 22 2
Beds 4 1 0 3 10 30 2
Sussex 3 4 0 0 4 9 31 0
Northants 2 4 0 0 4 2 38 0

Arthur C. Clark
Essex Junior Match Secretary and Junior Division 2C Organiser.

Suffolk Vets County Match Report - Reading and St Neots - 20/21 Feb 2016

Cumulative Results..

Charlie Fulcher 11 v 3
Andrew Warner 10 v 0
Wayne Shaw 9 v 1
Rosemary Curtis 4 v 1
Richard Hutchinson 4 v 0
Nigel Hodder 3 v 1
Sonja Talbot 2 v 0
Rosemary/Andrew 3 v 0
Rosemary/Charlie 3 v 0
Rosemary/Wayne 2 v 1
Andrew/Richard 2 v 0
Sonja/Nigel 2 v 0
Andrew/Charlie 1 v 0
Andrew/Wayne 1 v 0
Charlie/Wayne 1 v 0
Sonja/Charlie 1 v 1
Rosemary/Richard 0 v 1
7 match wins 61 v 9

Excellent results that should lead to promotion.

St Neots 20/21 February

Suffolk v Norfolk 2
Andrew 2 v 0
Richard 2 v 0
Charlie 1 v 1
Rosemary 1 v 0
Rosemary/Andrew 1 v 0
Rosemary/Charlie 1 v 0
Andrew/Richard 1 v 0

Total 9 v 1

Suffolk v Herts 4

Andrew 2 v 0
Richard 2 v 0
Charlie 1 v 1
Rosemary 1 v 0
Rosemary/Charlie 1 v 0
Andrew/Richard 1 v 0
Rosemary/Richard 0 v 1

Total 8 v 2

Suffolk v Kent 5

Charlie 2 v 0
Nigel 2 v 0
Wayne 2 v 0
Sonja 1 v 0
Sonja/Charlie 1 v 0
Sonja/Wayne 1 v 0
Nigel/Wayne 1 v 0

Total 10 v 0

Suffolk v Berks 2

Charlie 2 v 0
Nigel 1 v 1
Wayne 1 v 1
Sonja 1 v 0
Sonja/Nigel 1 v 0
Nigel/Wayne 1 v 0
Sonja/Charlie 0 v 1

Total 7 v 3

Another successful weekend, 4 match wins, 34 v 6

Suffolk Vets County Match Report - Reading - 14/15 Nov 2015

Suffolk 1 v Kent 5

Wayne Shaw 2 v 0
Charlie Fulcher 1 v 1
Andrew Warner 2 v 0
Rosemary Curtis 1 v 0
Rosemary/Andrew 1 v 0
Charlie/Andrew 1 v 0
Rosemary/Wayne 1 v 0
Total: 9 v 1

Suffolk 1 v Berks 4

Andrew 2 v 0
Charlie 2 v 0
Wayne 2 v 0
Rosemary 0 v 1
Andrew/Rosemary 1 v 0
Charlie/Wayne 1 v 0
Wayne/Rosemary 0 v 1
Total: 8 v 2

Suffolk 1 v Kent 6

Wayne 2 v 0
Charlie 2 v 0
Andrew 2 v 0
Rosemary 1 v 0
Rosemary/Wayne 1 v 0
Andrew/Wayne 1 v 0
Rosemary/ Charlie 1 v 0
Total: 10 v 0
A very successful weekend, 3 match wins, 27 v 3

Suffolk Cadets County Match Report[s] - Division 1B - Batts (Harlow) - 9 Nov 2013

Report courtesy of Paul Burgess [SCTTA Hon.Sec. and Cadet team manager].
Suffolk Cadets end on a high after 4 tough matches...
Suffolk Cadets travelled to Harlow for matches 2,3,4 & 5 of Division 1B on Saturday 9th November 2013.
The squad for the day comprised of Kian Burgess, Daniel Shelley & Adam Reeve plus for the Girls Katherine Shaw, Ellen Pengelly & Jessica Pengelly.
Looking at the players on show for each county, the coaches Wayne Shaw & Paul Burgess knew a tough day was in store as the majority of the players for the other counties were higher ranked than the Suffolk Players. However the players had already encountered a tough battle the previous Saturday against Norfolk in Match 1.

Match 2 - Suffolk 0 - Middlesex (2) - 10
1st game of the day was against a very strong Middlesex (2) team.The 4 Middlesex boys were all ranked in the Top 70 Cadets in England. All 6 boys matches were lost, however Kian came close losing in 5 to Kai Gazzi Timms (12th in England at U13) & 70th at Cadet level. Adam also took a game against Jai Gazzi Timms (53rd in England at Cadet Level).
The Girls were also up against it playing Jasmine Chan (22nd in England at Cadet Level) & Talia Benin-Reid (27th in England at Cadet Level).
Katherine unlucky losing in 4 to Talia & then losing in 5 to Jasmine. A superb effort.
Jessica making an impressive county debut losing in 4 to Talia.

Match 3 - Kent 8 - Suffolk 2
The 2nd match of the day looked even harder for the boys on paper as Kent consisted of England Number 1 at U13 Level (8th at Cadet Level) James Smith, Jack Merton (12th at Cadet Level) & Ben Foster (26th at Cadet Level).
Kian coming closest in any boys game as he had 2 game points in game 1 against James Smith.
It was left to the girls to get some wins on the board for Suffolk.
Katherine beating Kent number 2 Scarlet O'Neil 3-0 & then also beating Kent number 1 Ruth Marsden 3-1.
Ellen Pengelly followed in her sisters footsteps in making her county debut in this match & lost 3-0 to Ruth Marsden but was very unlucky in losing 3-2 to Scarlet O'Neil. A good performance by Ellen on her debut.

Match 4 - Essex 9 - Suffolk 1
The 3rd match of the day gave Suffolk some hope in the boys games on paper. However the boys lost all 6 games coming close in 3.
Adam losing in 5 to Essex number 3 Ryan Gooday when it looked like Adam had it won in the last game. Kian losing 3-2 to Essex number 1 Sidney Dom when also looking to have the match won when leading 2-1. Daniel also taking an early lead against Essex number 3 Ryan Gooday but eventually losing 3-1.
The girls were in for a tough battle against Tania Dennison 4th in England at U13 - 12th at Cadet Level & Gracie Edwards 14th at U13 Level & 34th at Cadet Level.
Katherine played superbly to beat Gracie Edwards 3-1 & came close in each game when losing 3-0 to Tania. Katherine showing in her performance that on her day she is capable of giving any of the top girls in England a game.
Jessica lost 3-0 to Tania but then picked herself up to perform very well to lose narrowly to Gracie Edwards 3-1. A superb effort by Jessica against one of the top girl players in England.

Match 5 - Suffolk 5 - Buckinghamshire - 5
The final match of the day looked on paper a close encounter based on player rankings & the crowd were not disappointed.
Buckinghamshire took the lead 1-0 as Bucks number 1 Ben Naylor-Smith beat Daniel 3-1 despite Daniel taking game 1. However Adam got the 1st win of the day for the boys as he beat Bucks number 3 Matthew McNab 3-2 despite trailing 2-1.
Katherine then beat Bucks number 2 Megan Ashfield 3-1 & Kian beat Bucks number 2 Angus Whittam 3-1 to give Suffolk a 3-1 lead.
Ellen was then unlucky to lose in 5 to Bucks number 1 Jemma Walker 10th at U13 level & 28th in England at Cadet Level.
However Daniel won his 1st game of the day when defeating the Bucks number 3 Matthew McNab 3-0 in a good performance to leave Suffolk leading 4-2.
However Bucks struck back as Bucks number 2 Megan Ashfield defeated Ellen 3-1 & then Bucks number 1 Jemma Walker fought back from 2-0 down to defeat Katherine 3-2 to level the match scores at 4-4.
Adam then defeated Bucks number 2 Angus Whittam 3-0 to give Suffolk a 5-4 lead. However despite his best efforts Kian was defeated 3-1 in the last match of the day against Bucks Number 1 Ben Naylor-Smith resulting in a final match score of 5-5.
A draw in the final match of the day was nothing more than Suffolk deserved. All the players played to their maximum all day with total effort & commitment.
The team will now be looking forward to the final 4 matches of the League on Sunday 8th December at Cippenham Table Tennis Tennis Club in Slough against Hertfordshire, Sussex 2, Surrey 2 & Sussex 3 where the team will be hopeful of some success.
A special thanks to all the coaches on the day, Karen Pengelly & Jack Pengelly who passed on their wealth of experience to the boys & girls alongside top coach Wayne Shaw.
A special thanks also to Bob Watts for umpiring all day on behalf of Suffolk, which enables the Suffolk team to focus on playing rather than umpiring which is always greatly appreciated by the team.
Well done team, keep training & working with your local coaches & your play will continue to improve as will the match results.

Suffolk Cadets taste defeat against Norfolk Cadets - Nov 2013

Suffolk Cadets travelled the short distance to WensumTTC in Norwich for the one off match against Norfolk in Division 1B of the County Cadet League. With a trip to Harlow scheduled for Saturday 9th November for matches against Middlesex 2, Kent, Essex & Buckinghamshire then a trip to Cippenham (Slough) on Sunday 8th December to play Sussex 2, Sussex 3, Hertfordshire & Surrey 2. With a young team this year, the Suffolk Cadets will be looking to get some good experience against some very strong table tennis players which will benefit them both individually and also build for the future with most of the players being available to play cadet table tennis for a number of years.

The team for the match against Norfolk : [left to right] Katherine Shaw, Kian Burgess, Adam Reeve, Daniel Shelley & Riya Kumar.

Riya, Kian and Daniel were all making their County debuts. With most of the Norfolk Players familiar to the Suffolk players through the Mark Dare regional training, they knew it was going to be very difficult with 3 of the 5 Norfolk Players also playing for the Norfolk Junior team on the day.
Game 1 - Kian (Suffolk Boys 1) lost 3-0 to Louis Moyes (Norfolk Boys 2) - -7,-8,-2
Game 2 - Adam (Suffolk Boys 3) lost 3-0 to Ross Brown (Norfolk Boys 3) - -7,-6,-7
Game 3 - Riya (Suffolk Girls 2) lost 3-0 to Mollie Patterson (Norfolk Girls 1) - -5,-5,-5
Game 4 - Daniel (Suffolk Boys 2) lost 3-0 to Oscar Moyes (Norfolk Boys 1) - -7,-4,-8
Game 5 - Katherine (Suffolk Girls 1) won 3-0 against Georgina Sunter (Norfolk Girls 2) - 4,7,4
Game 6 - Adam (Suffolk Boys 3) lost 3-0 to Louis Moyes (Norfolk Boys 2) - -5,-10,-6
Game 7 - Riya (Suffolk Girls 2) won 3-2 against Georgina Sunter (Norfolk Girls 2) - 6,10,-7,-10,8
Game 8 - Kian (Suffolk Boys 1) lost 3-0 to Oscar Moyes (Norfolk 1) - -5,-3,-4
Game 9 - Katherine (Suffolk Girls 1) lost 3-0 to Mollie Patterson (Norfolk 1) - -6,-8,-8
Game 10 - Daniel (Suffolk Boys 2) lost 3-0 to Ross Brown (Norfolk Boys 3) - -6.-10,-6
Final Score Norfolk 8 Suffolk 2 Although Suffolk suffered defeat, they played with heart & battled well against higher ranked players from Norfolk. Norfolk will be one of the strongest teams in the division and the 1st experience of county table tennis will benefit the Suffolk players when they travel to Harlow on the 9th November. A special well done to Katherine who did superbly to cope with playing both Junior & Cadet matches back to back & Riya making her debut staying strong despite losing her 2-0 lead and taken to a 5th but reaming positive & winning 11-8.
Also a special thanks to Maurice helping with coaching on the day & Bob doing a brilliant job with the umpiring.
Well done team. Paul Burgess & Wayne Shaw

National Qualifying for U11-U14 Results - East - Apr 2013

For information the following Suffolk players qualified for the Nationals last weekend:
Boys’ U12 – Kian Burgess
Boys’ U13 – None but Kian and Daniel Shelley are reserves 2 and 3 respectively.
Girls’ U13 – Georgina Lister with Holly McGerty as 1st reserve.
Girls’ U14 – Katherine Shaw

Suffolk Juniors Represent their County with Pride - Apr 2013

Suffolk Juniors have represented their County with distinction over two legs of the Division 2c Championships. After the first leg at Harlow in November the team was leading the Division and promotion was a possibility. The second leg was played at Burton on Trent on Saturday 6th April and the team spirit created during the first leg continued. The players professionally put to one side that they were a player short, and effectively two games down at the start of each match, and set about their task. The first game against Leistershire was narrowly lost six games to four, with Natalie, Will and Jack securing victories. In the second match against Staffordhire, Alex took on the batton from his brother Sam but like the rest of the team found the Staffordshire team a tough outfit. The final match against Nottinghamshire was an enjoyable good spirited finale to the season with Nottinghamshire securing the victory.
So the season concluded with Suffolk having made tremendous progress. Natalie is clearly benefiting from being a County player and becomes more accomplaished as each gane progresses. Sam and Alex are building the foundations for a very bright future in the sport while Will has all the credentials to secure the number one spot when Jack moves on to the senior game at the end of the season.
There is still a tension as we await the final place in the league between Suffolk and Norfolk. At the end of the second day Suffolk and Norfolk were level on league points, level on game difference and had drawn their match between each other, so to separate the Counties all the score sheets over the two days will need to be assessed set by set to determine who will have the higher placing!!
Special thanks from all the parents and players to Bob for umpiring all day and to all the parents for their support but most importantly thank you to the players for their commitment. It is great to see that the players still have a great pride in representing their County and the opportunity to play and support each other in a team in what is traditionally an individual sport.
We spoke about how such experiances should be recorded on CVs and applications for jobs and universities etc. Those who read applications and conduct interviews are always keen to see where young people have been part of a team and representing your County still carries great weight, so well done to everyone and make sure that you talk about it and use it when you have the opportunity.




Harvey Dinkele002011
Adam Reeve001001
Jack Samson000001
Katherine Shaw10100*2
Elsie Mason00
Natalie Wills110*1

Local Youngsters Enjoy Debut Performances in National Junior League. Dec 2012

Suffolk youngsters from Britannia Sparrowhawks travelled to the Wensum club in Norwich on 8th December 2012 for the first round of this season's National Junior League and it proved to be a tough initiation for the comparatively inexperienced youngsters playing at this level for the very first time.
However, the team of Tom Ellingham, Adam Firth and Thomas Clarke stuck to their task admirably and despite early defeats, provided their opponents with some very close encounters and were by no means over awed, as confirmed by the following extract from the 'official' ETTA report...
"Despite finishing 6th, the team of Sparrowhawks from Britannia in Ipswich never gave in and the experience will make them into better players for next time. Tom Ellingham had some good wins".
Two other Sparrowhawk players, Katherine Shaw and Natalie Wills also took part joining Harvey Dinkele and Jack Samson to represent Stowmarket TTC, all enjoying success to finish high on the list of player averages.
A full roundup of all the results, tables and player averages can be found on the ETTA website".

Jubilant Suffolk Juniors. Nov 2012

The Suffolk Junior Table-Tennis team are top of their league after securing fantastic wins against Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire and a draw against Norfolk in the first round of the County Championships, a prestigious annual National competition, played on Saturday 10th November at Batts TTC in Harlow.
The Suffolk team of Natalie Wills, Lucy Zhu, Sam Horsecroft, Will Hall and Jack Anthony put in truly inspirational performances.
With each match consisting of ten individual contests with each player playing two contests, Suffolk won 9 - 1 against Northampton in a match which was closer than the score suggests. Having secured momentum Suffolk then took on Cambridgeshire coming out comfortable winners 7 - 3 which set up the big afternoon 'derby' match against rivals and good friends Norfolk. With many of the players knowing each other this was nip and tuck all the way with both teams saying a 5 - 5 draw was a fair result!!
The Suffolk team played with great spirit throughout. A special mention must go to Alex Horsecroft, first reserve and chief scorer who cheered the team on all day, thank you Alex. Where the Suffolk team excelled was in their support for each other, coaching each other between sets and encouraging between matches. Parents added to the day by supporting and cheering the team on. a big thank you must go to Bob Watts for umpiring all day.
This was truly a team performance with all the players making a significant contribution, working hard and skilfully to win each point - a great day for Suffolk Junior Table-Tennis, and we now look forward to the next round of the competition at Burton-on-Trent in April 2013.

Cadets County Table Tennis Championships on Saturday March 17 at Warwick, St Nicholas Sports Centre. Mar 2012

Match Report from Mark Wills
The Suffolk squad comprised :-
1-Harvey Dinkele
2-Alex Horscroft
3-Callum Wilkinson

1-Natalie Wills
2-Hannah Stokes

Blue Coat Umpire - Bob Watts.

The standard of play was a little higher than most of our team had experienced before so whilst presenting a pretty serious sporting 'opportunity', it was a good day of learning.
The first competition against Northamptonshire was quite challenging with Alex Horscroft, Natalie Wills and Hannah Stokes winning 1 match each making the overall score Suffolk 3 - Northants 7.
Next up was Leicestershire, the eventual winners, with a strong side, Natalie and Hannah each managed to salvage a match however the overall score was Suffolk 2 - Leicestershire 8.
Our third competition was against Warwickshire where we struggled against a good side, Hannah Stokes providing the only relief to the onslaught by pulling back 2 matches making the score Warwick 8 Suffolk 2.
Finally, relatively good news against Shropshire where Harvey, Alex, and Hannah won 1 match each with Natalie winning 2 achieving an overall draw, Staffordshire 5 - Suffolk 5.
Measuring success in what the players learnt rather than sheer wins, then this was a successful outing. All of the matches were played with good sportsmanship and everyone enjoyed the day.
The hosts, Warwick, were reportedly unable to 'reach' the scoreboards or scoring tables in their stores which necessitated even more careful than normal scoring in the umpires heads and meant that the final score of each game was not known by most onlookers until afterwards which was widely regarded as a poor effort by the organisers.
Thanks to the parents who drove the members of the team and to Bob for providing his Umpiring skills throughout the day. I'm sure we are all looking forward to making good use of the experience gained for the next time.
Best Regards
Mark (honorary team captain for the day)

County Juniors in Action. Jan 2012

The Suffolk Junior team of Gracjan Sen, Jack Anthony, Max Boulter, Lucy Zhu and Katherine Shaw (see photo) played at Bedford Modern School on Saturday 21st.January 2012.
There was a very well received and respecful minute of silence for Peter Avennel at the start of the day - Suffolk's County Coach who sadly recently passed away.
The first match of the day was against Bedford. Unfortunately we lost 6 matches to 4 but were so close to a draw, and with a little luck might even have won it. There were very few points in a couple of close and tense matches seperating the two Counties.
The second match was against Cambridge and we played superbly to win 8 matches to 2.
Peter would have been pleased and proud today with the performance of the Suffolk Junior Table-Tennis Team.

County Junior Results from the first weekends play - Sun 13 Oct 2011

Suffolk Juniors travelled to Bedford for the first set of three matches. The Suffolk team comprised of Jack Anthony, Will Hall, Elliot Branton, Natalie Wills and Hannah Stokes, with manager Peter Avenell.
Suffolk's first match saw them pitted against local rivals Norfolk with just Jack and Natalie picking up a point a piece.
The Suffolk players are well acquainted with the Norfolk team, having played them individually in the National Junior League last season, so will be disappointed they didn't win more as they are capable of doing so.
An opportunity was lost against Shropshire who could only field one girl, giving Suffolk a 2-0 lead before a ball had been hit. Jack did well and won both his matches, with Hannah winning one of her matches. This gave a final score of 5-5.
The final match of the day was against Northamptonshire 2nds, the result a 9-1 loss with Will winning his first match of the day backed up by some coaching from Elliot. Elliot could have eased the loss with his last match, when having easily won the first game, caught his bat against the table reaching for a net ball. The sprained wrist was enough to prevent Elliot picking up his first win.
All the Juniors should take heart that despite a bit of an off day, they can perform and beat the teams in Division 2C.
Junior Division 2C
BdCaNkNp 2SpSk
Bedfordshire6 - 46 - 44 - 6
Cambridgeshire4 - 63 - 73 - 7
Norfolk7 - 37 - 38 - 2
Northamptonshire 24 - 63 - 79 - 1
Shropshire6 - 47 - 35 - 5
Suffolk2 - 81 - 95 - 5

Juniors Division 2C
Northamptonshire 2310216142

County Results from the first weekends play - 8/9 Oct 2011

LaLe 1LiYsSk 1Y 1Y 2
Leicestershire 5-58-26-48-24-64-69-1
Sth Yorkshire5-58-22-84-61-90-105-5
Suffolk 15-59-16-45-59-12-85-5
Yorkshire 17-38-26-47-310-08-26-4
Yorkshire 24-68-21-95-55-55-54-6

League Table
Yorkshire 17700521814
Leicestershire 741244269
Suffolk 1733141299
Yorkshire 2713332385
Sth Yorkshire712425454

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